Dik Dik

So, I've been looking at a lot of these guys and I decided that I should only show one. So I'm going to go with dis Dik Dik. O snap! That's right you heard me: Dik dik. Call me immature, call me a pussy or even an ass but I sure love the dik dik.

Oh come on. You really want to stop after one dik dik? Naw, you can handle another.

I think dis dik dik was photoshopped. What a horny little dik dik.

I hope y'all think this is as funny as I do. Cuz believe me I dooooo.

O you think you can take more than one dik dik at a time. Holy fuck three dik diks!
Oh, one of them is just a baby dik dik. But still, that sure is a lot of dik diks. Ouch.


Blogger finatron said...

do you think baby dik suffers from size anxiety?

9:46 PM

Anonymous renostra said...

hahahahahahaha!I loooove it!!!!

3:50 PM

Anonymous adrianna said...

they're like bambi, only cuter!

12:55 AM

Anonymous punk said...

Oh man, they're tiny. Google sez they're around 14-18 inches high at their shoulders. So they're maybe around 3 ft. tall? Argh.

If you like dik dik, then you will also like pudu and now I feel sort of dirty.

Pudu (pygmy deer)

5:30 AM

Anonymous sufilala said...

dikdik are very tasty, believe me

8:03 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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