Peep the colors!

Spotted at Lagonia, the gigante market in the middle of mexico city where they sell ev-er-ry-thing. Little man was striaght chillin in his cage. I don't know if he was for sale but I haggled for like an hour and got nowhere because, no hablo espanol. So, I put on my lucha libre mask, went back and liberated the little motherfucker. Viva la revolucion!


Blogger Emma B said...

Didja really set the li'l guy free? I hope you did. He looks like he needs a hero. . .

6:06 PM

Blogger ALK said...

awwww, damn, I hope you did let him go. Otherwise some stupid ass vacationer's gonna snap him up because he's "sooooo cute, mommy!" and then realize that he can scratch out little bobby's eyes and likes to stay up at night.

11:39 PM

Blogger Antid Oto said...

I really hope you did set him free. He looks to me like a burrowing owl, which is endangered most places.

11:34 AM

Anonymous ja cohen said...

nobody tell her please

12:58 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

lol, ja. thanks i needed that. yeesh.

1:35 PM

Blogger brayan said...

se dice LAGUNILLA, naco


are you the blonde or the brunette?



1:59 PM

Blogger camjeff said...

Did you really set the small burrow owl free? Pleeeeeease tell me you did!! Someone needs to be this little guys hero!

4:22 PM


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