Shut up. I don't owe my readers anything. I'll blog when I damn well please. I've been busy:. Get off my back. Fuck you Dad!It's a sloth. BTW. But I was over at the retired Labyrinth characters home and it felt like someone was missing. Zoinks.


Blogger image_shifter said...

Is he eating a green circus peanut?

11:19 PM

Blogger hothotpot said...

I could definitely seeing him boppin around singin Magic Dance next to a pantyhose, high heeled boot-wearing David Bowie. Except he's a sloth. He looks waaaaaaaay too lazy for that.

12:06 AM

Anonymous nikita said...

The two-toed ones (like him) are actually more active than the three-toed ones, although still more lethargic than any goblin I've ever met.

12:42 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i like him.


10:45 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sloths are tough competition for anyone, but I think this baby raccoon brought it. You can see it in that little dangling paw, in his lambent freakin' eyes.

I give this one to the raccoon. But if it were a different raccoon, it would've gone the other way!

5:44 PM

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7:44 AM

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