On account of and due to a lazy and unpoductive fan base, no fbf today.
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This is what I'm talking about, OG shit. Nipple suckin', eye squintin', scrunchy face cuteness. None of that white linens and cappuccino cup bullshit. None of that puppies and little kids crap that Bob Saggat tired to sell you on AFV. The real old-man-looking mouth full of milk tiny ears four-finger cuteness.
Oh yeah that is gooood. I like milk too man, there's nothing wrong with that. What else are you going to drink with a PB&J? Coke? Don't be an ass. Water? Pointless. Beer? Your priorities are all fucked up. Look at how bulbous his little eyes are, it's freakin me out. O! I got it, he reminds me of the rabbit in Whiney the pooh. What's his deal? He's always drunk or he's skitzophrenic or he hangs out outside of elementary schools. I forget.

This guy brings me back to when JALG didn't have to rely on gimmicks to get readership. Remember weasle and kinkajou. Those were the days.

Bebbe sqrl: Ahhh, gahhhk, you're choking me.
Human Ass: There's some medical stuff in the background so that means that this is good for you.
Bebbe sqrl: You fuck.
Then the photgraph was taken just as the word fuck was being finished and the frustrated glare of the baby squirrel climaxed into a scathing glower.
There's also a little talk-to-the-hand going on there. But it was unintentional. Bebbe sqrl was listening to Gang of Four and smoking Palmals while you were watching Oprah. Pussy.


Anonymous nikita said...

whatever, yo. don't pawn that shit on me. i sent you bats.

also, who knew squirrel whiskers were so cute? not me, that's who.

12:17 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

rabbit from winnie-the-pooh was like OCD wasn't he? he didn't like anybody touching any of his stuff and he kept his tree trunk home spotless. he got really looney over his prize vegetables and when tigger came and tore them up--every time, which is no kind of friend--rabbit like collapsed into a pile of tears.

8:12 PM

Blogger Doppelganger said...

I sent you a star-nosed mole -- the tentaclyest of all the moles -- yesterday or the day before, guy.

Love the skwirls, though. Did you know you can sometimes get them to come up to you close enough to touch if you're willing to make stupid skwirl noises in public long enough?

11:30 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

doppelganger's comment spurred me to do a google image search for "star nose mole" [shudddddd~dddeerrrr]. notice how the search also brings up a picture of a freaky baby with his nose above his eyes. [yaaaaaarrrrkkkgg]

11:23 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


3:40 PM

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