Greater glider

Ugghhh fucking finally. I've been trying to post this shit all damn day. Some crackpot sent me a link to some quokkas, which are a cross between a rat and a kangaroo and hence, not cute.
Sorry Cat.
But on the brighter side, it lead me to these guys. Greater glieders. Watch out sugar glider, looks like we might see you in pancakes or waffles soon.
Se llama blackie. Nice. Whatcha lookin at? oh, me! yes. That's great I was looking at you too. Sooooo, here we are. Nice fingernails. I know he looks like a mogwai, but I'm not going to say anything about it because that is so JALG circa november.

I took it upon myself to dub this guy whitie. Look at those ears. You can't make shit like this up. He's kind of got a zoolander pose going as he crawls out of and over that tree. Work it.

That's a fucking puppet, it's got to be. Maybe taxadermy. There is a world of greater gliders out there for me to explore. We'll see more soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh man, i've been meaning to say this: you're right, whitie is completely rocking a zoolander pose coming up over the tree. that made me laugh so hard. you have such an eye for these things.

8:53 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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7:44 AM


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