L F ant

Finally elephants

This is exactly how I feel. It's 10 AM and I'm still awake. Bad news rap dudes.

Mama LFant is all: what the fuck are you doing you little maniac.
Babyfant is all: I'm gunna get loose. Work it out. Feel me?
Mama fant: you crazy like your daddy.
Babyfant: Shake that rump like it's gunna end today! Look at him go. No reservations. Uninhibited (so, hibited) rawkus rowdy rebel.
This guy is going to bust up left and then when you're not looking, bust up right. Yeah. If you got it flaut it babyfant. You rule.


Anonymous Oceam's Edge said...

But but but.... he's not exactly a 'little guy' is he now?


2:10 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

wow are those little baby tusks growing? they're just teeny tiny peewee tuskins. he's too little for real tusks--way too happy go lucky. that is about the cutest thing i've seen all day. and i've seen cute.

8:05 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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