I dug this out of the ol' inbox. Thanks Turd.
Such a dramatic stance of cartoonish bewilderment. This is how it should be. The way his head is mounted on his neck is very Prince John from Robin Hood cartoon movie. I know I've mentioned him before and I think maybe I posted this giraffe before. But honestly, do you really care. I don't.
I want to put you pictures up, I do, I do. So send them to me.


Blogger image_shifter said...

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1:07 AM

Blogger image_shifter said...

I'm home sick on a friday night, and I recognize the look in that lil guy's eyes. He's all "Jesus Fucking Christ!" But it's not a sore throat that's bedeviling him, see his wet mane, the forlorn ear and hooves tucked in close? That lil guy just fell right out of the womb! Yeah, it's tough for those baby giraffes. Introduction to life involves falling like five feet on to the hard dusty ground. Buck up, wet one, life in the zoo will offer plenty more strange moments.

1:09 AM

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