That's not a knife

It's a koala bear. Yesssss. While not technically bears, koalas are technically high as a balls on eucalyptus all the fucking time.

These guys are all:
"ass fuck no evil, ass fuck no evil, get ass fucked no evil." No evil.

I've always had this idea which is kind of CSI now that I think about it. It's all about reconstructing the past based on the present. Let's try.
While galavanting around some of his favorite eucalyptus trees. This little fella sucked down one too many narcotic leaves and passed out on his feet. In the tree. From there, he kinda tumbles from branch to branch until he finds himself wedged, comfortably yet irremovably, in this nook. Rest up dude, you'll need your strength to wriggle out of there with the hangover of a lifetime tomorrow morn.

Obliviously, baby's kinda got mama by the jowel (first singular usage ever) and is tugging away. Tugg up on it little man.
What's that little man checkin up on? I don't know but those beady little eyes sure are intent. I would say ice cream or candy or hookers but he's a baby koala and what do koalas like more than meth or heron or the white lady? Simple. eucalyptus.

Throw your guns up. Bluck Bluck Bluck.
Recognize. He's really small. But he has fierce claws which are just coke nails and roach clips in disguise. Clever little junky.


Blogger pacalaga said...

Ah, dude, you're my favorite.

12:04 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

um, as the coiner of the phrase, "who's your favorite" I have to say, "wtf?"

7:21 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I want to get high for a thousand years with these little guys. We will get baked in my Dad's sedan. For a thousand years.

2:15 AM

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