parade of baby monkeys!

Well I have to quit because I am no good at this. This dude has a pretty comprehensive collection of monkeys.
I'm kinda in a rush, because I have no time because I'm leaving for frisco-a-disco tomorrow. I'll do some field work while i'm there.

Let's go, PICS!

This is a wooly monkey, in baby form of course.
Huge orbs either on their way in or out of his head. Dear lord put those giant light sucking peepers back were you got em.

"I gotta go"
(muffled by teet) "C'mon stay a sec longer."
"naw, sorry"

Orangatang, oranga ranga ranga, purple haze, oranga rang a ranga.
Monkey calling, speak the slang now. Holy shit this is the happiest creature ever. Period. Exclamation point. He looks like a nintendo cartoon icon for happiness. Superb

Peep. What?
The baby looks so forlorned. Awwwww.

More orangatang. They looks so fucking smart it scares me. I'm not just talking about the sagacious droopy eyed mother, but also the scraggly haired lightning wit of that child.
Geniuses always have fucked up hair.

Tamarind. Got two babies don't cha. Oooo that one in front is holding on for dear fucking life and he's trying so hard that he forgot about the whole primate thing and he's doing a good job of looking like a gerbil.
You should be ashamed of yourself.

Ok, keep it coming, more wooly monkey. I'm typing like a maniac over here.
He's basicly treating his mom-dukes like some sort of high performace vehicle. You can see the wind whipping through his hair as he make a the generic pitch changing gear shifting race car noise with his lips. Ppppbbbbbppbpbrbrbrbrbrbrbrbbrrrrr.

But seriously foks. This one's my favorite because he's a squirel monkey and he sweeeping. Shhhhh.

He's got a fist full of hair and his wittlw weft foot is weaching up and gwabbing some more haiw. And he's all snuggley and tiurd. Sewiously shhhhhhh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...



11:18 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

monkeys are ugly but you should hang out with me in sf.

12:01 AM

Blogger awww said...


12:31 AM

Anonymous nikita said...

monkeys freak me the fuck out. but you're a good ambassador on their behalf.

9:00 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Monkey two and monkey four demonstrate what happens when Mommy doesn't wear a good supporting nursing bra. Baby monkeys are adorable. They remind me of my little monkeys when they were babies. And when they were also adorable, before they became teens. --thatKat

11:34 AM

Blogger image_shifter said...

Nice work with the every-word-is-a-link gimmick. I gotta protest that Donald does not deserve to be in the same catagory as kid-n-play, though.

6:07 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

i vote for baby bats. there should be more of those on JALG.

10:38 PM

Blogger dzusa said...

weird, i also think monkeys are ugly and that you should hang out with me in SF.

12:37 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey now, huge-dicks-free, that's a horse of another color.

4:33 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can't pick out the individual tamarinds out of the pile of tamarinds!

Maybe we should redefine "tamarind" to refer to quantity, not discrete instances.

8:16 PM

Anonymous nikita said...

i vote for baby bats. there should be more of those on JALG.

i totally sent Awww a bunch of baby bat pics a few weeks ago but he kicked them to the curb like the cold-hearted bastard he is. Don't let the baby animal blog fool you.

8:34 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...


I just watned to let you know that most of those non-human primates in your pictures are not in fact monkeys at all!

They are apes. And let me tell you, there is a lot of differences between amonkey and an ape.

An easy way to tell the differnece is monkeys have tails and apes do not!

Hope that helps.

12:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

yeah, but monkey is more fun to say. and 'baby monkey' sounds cute, whereas, 'baby ape' is like a tongue twister and not cute-sounding at all. i mean, i'm not here to argue with you over semantics. or maybe i am. but let's get down with the vernacular for a sec and say enough with the proper terms for shit. colloquial street connects you to the people, ya dig. don't alienate everyone with the 'well, actually you're wrong' business. i appreciate your need to set the record straight, your intentions are pure and all, but please just let me enjoy some baby monkeys.


6:27 PM

Blogger awww said...

thanks for the input huge-dicks-for-free, but I don't really care if its a monkey or an ape or your mom.

10:57 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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